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Get An INSTANT CASH Offer Now!

The Benefits from a fast house sale can be entirely personal depending on your circumstances and motivation. But for many home owners who want to realise the funds tied up in their property a fast house sale is the best route.

Compared to other more traditional methods like selling through an estate agent, selling at auction or selling privately. A fast house sale through a specialised home purchaser like us can dramatically reduce the time and effort required by you.

Estate Agent Sales

Selling your home is not necessarily the agent's top priority, often their aim is to quite simply get you to list your property with them. With promises of buyers ready in your area that quite often don't exist.

We guarantee a fast payment for your fast house sale process with us.

Selling at Auction

Buyers often attend property auctions expressly looking for a bargain. When auctioning a home, the viewings tend to be open to the public and you are obliged to allow any potential bidders to view your home as well as any surveyors they appoint.

We ask one surveyor to view your home ensuring a fast house sale.

Selling Privately

Many private sellers may not know about certain rules regarding property sales in the UK. An Information Pack and Energy Performance Certificate should be ready for buyers to inspect PRIOR to marketing your property. There's also the inevitable advertising you will have to do enticing buyers in and negotiating prices with the biggest asset you have.

A fast house sale through us can take a matter of days with no legal worries.

Our purchase process is typically between one and four weeks, a far faster house sale than those offered by other sale methods. You don't even have to prepare your home for sale as we will consider and property in any condition.

If a property with a market value of 100,000 was to sell through more traditional methods you could wait typically for up to six months before completing and even then still run the risk of the chain of buyers collapsing leaving you out of pocket. Many agents have legal fees that need paying along with other costs that could significantly bring down the house price. Then the buyer would always negotiate for a better deal typically offering £5,000 to £10,000 lower than the asking price. In conclusion you could be waiting six months for about £80,000. Through a fast house sale purchaser you would receive your offer and then payment within weeks by comparison.

Realising the money tied up in your property has never been easier. Complete a fast house sale by selling to cash buyer today.