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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get for my Home?

The quote for your home will initially be based on the brief information you supply us such as condition and any work done. This is then taken into account along with the current prices in your area to give you an initial value.

How soon can you make me an offer?

The initial valuation, usually within 24 hours will then be followed up by a surveyor visit who will report back to us enabling a more accurate valuation to be assessed and offered to you. You are still under no obligation to accept even after we have invested into working for you.

How quickly can the sale go through?

We are committed to working to your schedule as close as we can. If you require a sale within days, weeks or months we can work to your time frame. We work hard delivering an efficient and reliable service for you.

How soon will I receive my money?

As soon as the sale is agreed, which is entirely down to your schedule and agreement we can then process your funds within weeks or even days. We are committed to your schedule and if you need time to think that's fine with us too.

Are there any fees to this service?

We do not charge any fees for any of the service we provide, we cover all valuation and survey fees and even cover the cost of solicitor conveyancing and all the legal paper work that is required to sell your home.

What property can I sell?

As long as it's in England or Wales we will consider a valuation for any property. Sell to Cash Buyer can make an offer for any property whatever the size or condition, empty or sitting tenants.

My Home needs a lot of Repair?

Even if your property needs a lot of repair and even structural work we can still make you a cash offer based on the current condition and any work will be performed after the sale is complete.

How much paper work is involved?

We commit to doing all we can for you, keeping the process of selling your home as quick and stress free as possible. There will always be some signing once you commit to the process of selling your home for cash with us but we will keep all this straightforward and to a minimum, ensuring you fully understand where you are through the sale process.

When do I commit to the sale?

You are entirely under no obligation to complete the cash sale with us until you accept the formal valuation after the surveyor visits. Once you commit from there on we will commit to paying you cash for your property and within your timeframe as soon as we can.

Will my neighbours know?

There are absolutely no "For Sale" or "Sold" boards used during the sale process with us. There are no newspaper or web adverts because your selling to cash for your property in a straightforward deal. Some information will be recorded and made public on the Land Registry but all property sales are recorded in this way.