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Sell House Fast

At Sell To Cash Buyer we are committed to offering you an efficient service that can absorb a lot of the stress from a selling your home. A property cash sale quite simply offers exactly that, an opportunity for you to sell your property to a cash buyer liquidating your equity in the fastest possible time. Simply complete one simple form and we can get back to you within 24 hours with a free, no obligation valuation.

So How Does It Work?

The initial quote is based on current property market prices and recently sold properties in your area. The more accurately you estimate your own value on the Get an Offer Page the better our initial quote will reflect our final valuation offer. This initial property cash sale quote will made within 48 hours.

Once you have decided to follow up on the initial quote we will arrange for an independent chartered surveyor to visit the property at your earliest convenience still under no obligation. Once the surveyor has completed and passed us their evaluation report we will be able to make you a more formal offer that you can choose to accept and then agree into you property cash sale.

Once you choose to accept the cash sale valuation for your property we will then confirm your preferred time scale. We can complete in as little as days or if you still need more time to think about or delay the sale process we can work to your schedule.

We will arrange for a solicitor to draw up the legal conveyancing contracts with still no fees to you. You will be required to answer some legal questions to ensure we can complete the paper work as much as we can for you. At any time through this process we are always happy to answer any questions about your property cash sale.

Once the legal matters are complete we can arrange for your property cash sale payment direct into your bank account with no further fuss or worry giving you back control of your money.

This entire process for a property cash sale could take a matter of days should really need to sell fast, and the money for your property will be released straight into your bank once the process completes. It couldn't be simpler to sell your property today, for cash, so complete the Get an Offer page to start to realise the potential with the funds tied up in your property.